Impactful Digital Marketing

Digital strategy is some of the most satisfying and rewarding work we get to do.

Addrenaline will not only demonstrate an boundless creative mindset but also a true understanding of effective use of social media.  We develop campaigns that straddle all relevant platforms and we use the unique characteristics of each platform to strengthen the reach and appeal of each campaign.

We are excited to put our creativity and passion into creating and delivering compelling content that really breaks through and connects with your audience.

Our approach involves listening and learning before we begin. We get a sense of the project goals and your core client as this allows us to conceive a targeted and unique strategy.  

We will engage in thorough discussions to understand your audience and objectives as this forms the basis for the entire strategy and all decisions we will make as part of the project.  

We will evaluate existing marketing materials and messaging (including examination of current social platforms and messaging on those platforms) in order to have a clear picture of what has worked and what hasn’t.

Our focus will be on determining the best means to reach the audience, the best way to engage them, and the types of messaging that will resonate.  This will mean the establishment of a clear list of goals for the strategy as well as identification of the best media/platforms to leverage in order to achieve those goals.  The form our content takes will also be of utmost consideration.

At Addrenaline, we are not afraid to take our campaigns anywhere we think will be effective.  We’ve recorded hip hop songs, gone 60 feet underground into wastewater pipes and spent days walking Toronto and NY streets capturing audience opinion pieces.  If we think something will work for your business we will pitch it.

At Addrenaline we can write, we can design and we can think of new ways to get a message across. We’re great at using Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, creating memes, videos and more and we have extensive knowledge of what works within a given platform.

Ultimately, we understand “one size does not fit all”, and we will craft copy and design in order for messages to be sharable and to work no matter which platform people prefer.

We believe project management and transparency go hand in hand. At any stage of the project we will be available to discuss ideas or answer questions online, in-person or over the phone. We work very hard to make sure everyone involved understands the current project status, next steps and what their role is.

Proven knowledge of Social Marketing principles and practice:

We’ve used social media campaigns to great effect for a number of clients and in every case we take a very specific and targeted approach to ensure nothing is wasted and that we can track and report on the results. Below are two recent examples:

  • For FORCE1SIX (a Toronto clothing line) we had Toronto celebrities and influencers post to their Instagram accounts pictures of them wearing the shirt, with hashtags – as well as event-specific posts from Raptors games and other local events of people showing off the shirt.
  • For a BMO technology panel we live-streamed to YouTube and managed videography and a candid photobooth station to engage employees and show non-attendees how exciting everything was. Additionally we have facilitated props and backdrops for employee engagement and filmed video sessions.

In each case we developed a plan that would connect the content/message with the desired audience and refined our strategy into tactics that proved effective. 

Other past clients include Peterborough Public Health, KFL&A Public Health, the Shared Library Services Project, Ontario Patient Relations Association (OPRA) and Prevention in Hand.

We have extensive experience in group facilitation, program planning, and collaborating with multiple stakeholders to achieve a common objective.