Social Media

The great thing about social media is it is accessible, popular and can reach just about anybody. However, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. We help you stand out, get noticed and be heard in this crowded landscape.

Social Science

Where to start (and where to stop)

It can be tempting to jump on to every social media trend, but deciding what to do and how to reach your audience is a decision best made after researching and analyzing data. Ask and answer a few questions first: Where does your audience 'hang out' online? What types of messages are they most receptive to? Things like this should be worked out before making a few (or often way too many) social media profiles. For one business it may be a series of videos that work best to acheive a goal, for others that may take the form of a facebook community page or possibly just being very active on twitter. There's no one-size-fits-all approach, unfortunately. That's where we come in.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube... enough?

Facebook, twitter and youtube are extremely popular and have a wide reach across many demographics - but that also means you are competing for attention against more and more people every day. In some cases organic reach can be enough to get your message out, but often paid advertising is a must to cut through the clutter. Regardless of which social media platforms you engage and how you choose to use them, they must ALL work in harmony to establish and reaffirm your brand, your tone, your voice.

How we can help

At Addrenaline Media we look at your brand with a fresh perspective and figure out what makes the most sense (and best use of your dollars) to reach your target audience. This may be in the form of a blog, and press release, twitter or facebook campaign, video series or even a contest. In any case it's a solution tailored to you, and what your goals are.

"I recently completed a small web design project with Kyle and his Addrenaline Team. From the start, the team far exceeded my expectations! Not only did Kyle offer a fresh, creative perspective, but he was responsive, supportive and committed. Though my project was small, Kyle made me feel that I was the only client he had! He valued my contributions, feedback and was always open to suggestions.

Kyle and the Addreneline team are professional, reliable and creative! Keep up the great work!"
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