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Beware of SEO 'guarantees' of ranking #1 on Google... the boring truth is there are no guarantees. Great SEO is a mix of proper website structure, great content, 'good' traffic, and how relevant your site is to what people are searching for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization or 'SEO' as it's called is optimizing how search engines find your web site. It allows your web site content to rank as high as possible in search results for a certain set of search terms. For example, when people search 'Toronto Car Insurance' or 'Mississauga Camera Store' a list of websites show up in an order determined by the search website (Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc.) and this ranking is based on a number of factors.

What factors affect website search rank?

The single most important factor is the actual website content and the amount of traffic (and the type of traffic) it gets, followed by how 'search engine friendly' the site happens to be. This can be a combination of page titles, descriptions, links to and from the website, how relevant the content is and how often it is updated. It also means a site with hardly any content and very little traffic cannot just 'optimize' its way on to the first page of google, there needs to be something worthwhile to optmize.

Addrenaline can review your current ranking and assess which aspects of your site are stronger/weaker in terms of SEO in order to develop the ideal key word/search phrases to help improve your search rank. We take a critical look at your site content and can help edit the site text and organization to focus on those search terms and phrases that matter most to your potential customers.

How is my 'search rank' calculated?

Besides the general guidelines mentioned above, the specific methods (search algorithms) used by search engines are proprietary, but there are common practices that have shown to benefit ranking. At Addrenaline Media, we have extensive experience improving SEO rank for a wide variety of clients from local restaurants to multi-national corporations.

For more information, contact Addrenaline Media and we can discuss custom solutions to get your web site optimized and ranking on page one.


In order to make good decisions about your SEO (and any other marketing initiatives) you need to have good information. Data that tells you how people interact with your site or app, how often they do and for how long is key to updating and mainaining your best possible presence online - a presence tailored to suit your online goals.

We can help you track and analyze this type of data and build a plan to harness what you learn in order to improve what you do.

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