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The Big Microsite.

Our client Decor & More had just finished a website redesign with us and Addrenaline had an idea: Why not rent out all the products when they're not in use?

This made sense and we quickly got to work on a microsite just for this new business extension.

Decor & More


Web design & development


January 2017

Decor & More

For over 25 years the award-winning Decor & More team has been designing and executing spectacular Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Galas, Product Launches, Trade Shows, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and more.


The new site was built in WordPress using several plugins to allow for ease of use when creating their many product categories and allowing site visitors to easily send a quote request.

The Requirements

The new site needed to be fully responsive (mobile-friendly) and look different than the main corporate website enough to stand on its own, but still seem like it was part of the same family.

The Solution

The completed site (actually two websites) provide rental options to both Eastern and Western Canada, where Decor & More have offices and we built a special landing page to direct customers to the correct region.

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